OZZON Water Treat Services

Rental Service Cooling Tower Water Treatment System for Energy-Saving Non-Slag Chiller

The problem of taking care of traditional water quality.

Why still slag

Why also need pro Tube

Why still have to clear moss.

Why still need to fill the chemical and clean the Softener

Why corrosion of pipes and equipment?

Stop wasting time on these hassles with OZZON.

OZZON rental service

Slag.. Charge generator added electricity.

The slab at the surface of the heat exchanger tube thickens only 0.6 mm thick.

This results in a 34%

And use up 21%

Every 1 degree F of Approach Temperature increases.

It will pay up to 1.5%

Chiller system consumes 5 - 15%

How much does your building charge for electricity more than usual?