Manufacturer and developer Ozone generator The use of ozone in water and air treatment since 1996, which has experienced the installation of many ozone systems, such as sterilization in drinking water. Industrial water disinfection Water Treatment in the Cooling Tower Watering in the Swimming Pool Removal of odors and disinfection in the air. Wastewater treatment And the smell of air, etc.

The company has developed an ozone generator with state-of-the-art technology. The system can be operated 24 hours a day and can produce high intensity ozone. Suitable for use in water treatment. The ozone mixing system uses a pump specially designed for mixing ozone with water, with a blend efficiency of over 70%

The company values ​​the results you want. Both absolutely sterile. Calcination in Cooling Tower to increase efficiency. Chiller's heat transfer by minimizing the ozone system. And it has the lowest power consumption in the system.

The company hopes to be part of promoting the use of ozone for quality of life and the environment. And to provide food and beverage products Used to replace chemicals or chlorine used today. They also provide water treatment and air treatment for the good of the future children in the future.



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