Renting Cooling Tower Water Treatment System for Energy-Saving Non-Slag Chiller

Value for money.

OZZON service fee is cheaper than using chemicals. Or other systems.

Chiller electricity cost (ten thousand to one thousand baht per month)

Save money Tube (five thousand baht x Chiller per year)

Help Legionella Sterile Safe to Health

Non-contaminated wastewater Does not add to wastewater treatment.


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Benefits that customers will receive when using the service.

1. Do not invest to buy the machine. No maintenance Do not care
2. Approach Temperature not above +1 degrees F from default
3. Chiller Energy Saving Power Reduction
4. Eliminate slag and do not prod Tube Condenser again.
5. prevent lichen and sterilization Legionella
6. Do not use chemicals and Softener as GREEN Building.

What customers can save.

1. All chemicals 100%
2. Water Softener 100%
3. Water Make Up Water 30 - 50%
4. Electricity Chiller System 5 - 15%
5. Flush Tube of Condenser 100% (Tube is not damaged by probe)
6. Labor and time to fill and 100% Softener


IBM Building, Phaholyothin Road, SP Building Limited
Cooling system is Package Water Cooled. It can reduce AHU's coolant temperature and save energy. Installation starts on June 1, 2016.

N Mark Plaza Building, Bangkapi, Nusantin Interscience Public Company Limited)
Chiller refrigerant can control the Approach Temperature to a value not exceeding +1 degrees F from the default. Throughout the deployment began August 1, 2016.